This trip all began because I had the pleasure of getting to photograph a friends wedding in Las Vegas. Coincidentally as the trip neared, my brother had just recently moved to Reno Nevada. Since I was already in Las Vegas shooting a wedding, I thought why not pop over to Reno and visit my brother while also getting to visit Lake Tahoe which is close by! Lake Tahoe is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for awhile, so it was perfect.

So after a few great days photographing in Las Vegas, I headed to Reno and my brother and I went all around Lake Tahoe circling the entire lake. There were so many beautiful beaches and stops, and it was truly such a sight to see. Since my return flight had already been booked out of Las Vegas, I decided to rent a car to drive back from Reno to Las Vegas stopping at Alabama Hills on the way. It was a little out of the way, but Alabama Hills is another place I’ve always wanted to see and I thought why not check off one more place on my bucket list on the drive. 

I made it to Alabama Hills just in time for sunset and got to cruise around and check out the area for a little bit before heading back to Las Vegas to fly back home. I love being able to go on trips where I can mix business with pleasure and this was definitely one of those adventures!


My second time visiting my brother’s family in Nevada was extra special because this time I got to bring Henley along!

We visited Lake Tahoe again, hitting up Sand Harbor, which was my favorite beach spot last time. It was so surreal having Henley playing in the sand on the beach when last time visiting that same spot, she was in my belly! I love seeing how content she is outdoors, it makes my heart so happy! The boys jumped off rocks while she tried to eat fistfuls of sand haha!

My nephews Wyatt and Sawyer were absolutely amazing with her! They chased her around and looked after her and played with her endlessly. They have always been such awesome boys and now they are growing into amazing men. 

We got to lounge by the pool while Henny napped each day and got to go out for some delicious dinners where the boys followed Henley around like her bodyguards haha. My brother and his wife were so accommodating and I loved catching up with them whether it was having a few drinks together or watching comedy shows at night after Henley went to bed. They seem to be settling into their life in Nevada and I couldn’t be more happy for them!

I was very nervous to travel with Henley because this would be my first time flying with her alone, but I sat next to some of the most wonderful people who were so helpful and understanding with her. We had three flights each way which sparked me to calculate Henley‘s travel stats up until this point of 16 months and they are as follows….

9 states // 18 flights (27 hrs) // 7 road trips (75 hrs)

Little girl is a traveler and I wouldn’t have it any other way! More mother daughter trips to follow 🙂