The very first time I got the pleasure of going to Sedona was with my sister in law Jena. My husband Brady and I were down in Arizona visiting his family over Easter and Jena took me to Sedona for the day to hike and explore. We hiked to Devils Bridge and afterwards cruised around downtown. I fell in love with Sedona the second we got there!


The second time I got to visit Sedona was for New Year’s with my husband Brady. We were visiting his family in Arizona over the holidays and I wanted Brady to experience Sedona. We decided to go four wheeling and it was hands-down one of the most fun experiences ever! The amount of ground you can cover and explore is insane and the ATVs were more fun that I can put into words! We didn’t do any hiking this time, but I was completely okay with exploring via four wheeler.


They say third times a charm, right?! My third time visiting Sedona was with my husband Brady again while we were visiting his family in Arizona over the holidays, but this time we went hiking instead. Just before our trip, we planned to have one of my friends Heidi who lives in the area photograph a couples session for us while we were there. We got up and drove at the crack of dawn and did a sunrise shoot at Bell Tower and the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous! We then spent the rest of the day hiking Cathedral Rock and Soldiers Pass. Sedona is so beautiful and there’s still so many areas yet to explore!


Our fourth time visiting Sedona, we had a very special tagalong! It was our first time visiting Brady‘s family in Arizona with Henley! 

We wanted to go on a day trip to Sedona to do some hiking, and we brought Henley with, along with Brady’s sister Jena and her family. Much to my demise she did not sleep on the long car drive there, and proceeded to not take a nap so she was a tiny terrorist all day haha! Even on the hike, which normally calms her and makes her happy, she was a very sad girl! So, naturally, I took some blackmail photos of her in the hiking carrier crying on the hike to torture her with in the future.

Even though Henley didn’t do so great on the trip to Sedona, it was still nice getting to bring her there and experience the area with her. The boys were gracious enough to stay back with the kids, so Jena and I could go on a sunset hike. We cut it pretty close to the sun going down and had to book it up the hike but it was well worth it when we got to the top. Although we realized how out of shape we are, we caught the last of the sun going down behind the canyon and it was so beautiful! Sedona is just such a gorgeous place and I will forever be enamored by its beauty.