Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with photography. When I was younger I constantly had disposable cameras and would take them everywhere with me, whether it be to friends houses, around the neighborhood, you name it. My poor mother was constantly having to develop rolls of worthless film showcasing pictures of my friends and I doing nothing of value. But the thing is, those moments meant something to me. Ever since I was little, I have felt this overwhelming urge to capture the world around me, but mostly my life which included the people and activities in my life.

Why you may I ask? Honestly, because I loved my life so much I wanted to capture every moment in detail because I never wanted to forget any of it. If you ask me, I think that’s pretty special that I loved my life so much, I didn’t want to let a memory pass by without capturing it and being able to hold onto it forever and look back on it and remember where I was, who I was with, and even what I was wearing. After disposable cameras started to become less common and the digital age started to take over, I got a digital camera. You can imagine how many more photos I started taking because I was no longer limited to how many pictures a roll of film could hold or how many rolls of film or disposable cameras you had. You could take so many pictures and memory cards could hold what seems like an infinite amount. Plus there was also the amazing new reality of being able to see the image right away, instant gratification and excitement. I religiously brought my digital camera everywhere including school, trips, sleepovers, and dances. I had it with me all the time and was taking way too many pictures.

But you know what? Same thing, I wanted to capture everything why? Because I loved my friends,my family, and quite frankly I loved my life, so why not?! Not only was I a picture taking fool, but I printed everything. Prints plastered my walls and there was rows of frames holding my memories on every inch of open space in my room including my desk, windowsill, dresser, nightstand. I was also a scrapbooking fool, and looking back now the scrapbooks are totally scary due to the overkill on loud colors, glitter, and heart shaped EVERYTHING. My point being, I have always loved photography and capturing my life and the ones I love because I feel so blessed by God to have this life and these people that all I can think is why wouldn’t I want to capture all of this to hold onto and remember how happy I was and still am.