I decided awhile back that I wanted to get more into winter hiking and activities so I wasn’t always waiting around for warmer weather. I wanted to learn to appreciate the snow more and wanted to get into snowshoeing. I went to Colorado last year to snowshoe for the first time in Rocky Mountain National Park and I became hooked. 

This year I had the pleasure of going to Washington to snowshoe with two of my good friends the Schiele sisters. Kayle has joined me on hiking trips before, but her sister Carley joined for the first time. I wanted to snowshoe in Mount Baker as I heard that they get the most snow out of anywhere in the country and the snow covered peaks on the trail looked amazing. 

We flew into Seattle and Carley and I got to spend the day there as we got in a day earlier than planned due to trying to avoid a huge blizzard that was hitting North Dakota. We went around Seattle and did all the touristy things and then once Kayle flew in we headed up to the Mount Baker area where we would be staying.

Our first day we headed up to Mount Baker and snowshoed Artists Point, which gives you an amazing view of all the mountains, Mt Shuksan in particular. It was such a fun day playing in the crazy amount of snow and working our butts off to get to the peak. We spent so much time hanging out in the mountains just taking in the views.

The next day we had a change of pace and went to North Cascades National Park which had snow in the higher elevations but was dry where we were. We got to see Diablo lake which has beautiful blue colored water, do a small hike, and drive around the park.

Our last day we made our way back to Seattle and hit up some breweries on the way and also got to go to some tulip farms as it was tulip season while we were there and they were hosting a tulip festival. We finished our day with a hike to a fire lookout which gave us amazing views of the mountains in Stevens Pass.

All in all it was an absolutely amazing trip and traveling with these two girls is such a breeze as they are down for whatever and very go with the flow! I would highly recommend snowshoeing as the learning curve is practically zero and it’s so fun to embrace something people typically avoid.