I’ve traveled with my brother Jason before and we always have such a blast together. He bought a place in Merida that was still being built, but we decided to visit the area in the Yucatán peninsula anyways.

We stayed in Merida most of the time which is where he will be living, but we did visit a lot of surrounding small beach towns including Chelem, Progreso, San Benito, Las Coloradas, and Valladolid. 

In Merida we mostly took in the downtown city life eating out body weight in authentic food and taking in the light shows they do on the buildings there. My favorite local food was the popular desert, marquesitas. 

We ventured over to Chelem to see the pink flamingos as it was flamingo season in the Yucatán. Getting to see thousands of flamingos all together was absolutely incredible and worth it.

We stopped in Progresso on our way to San Benito. We went to the beach, got some food, drank out of coconuts and continued on our way.

We stayed in San Benito right on the beach for two days and spent our time laying in hammocks on the beach and eating at a local woodfire pizza shack. 

We continued on to Las Coloradas to see a pink lake and also hit up Vallodid the same day to see multiple cenotes including Suytun, Xkeken, and Dzitnup.

After Vallodid, we made our way back to Merida to wrap up the trip. I love traveling with my brother as he is always down for adventures and makes everything so much more fun with his sense of humor and bright approach to life! I can’t wait to visit him again in Merida once his place is ready.