It’s no secret I love Montana and take many trips there. Some of my favorites places being Bozeman, Bridger, Beartooth, Whitefish, and Glacier. Our favorite place to ski is by far Bridger Bowl as it’s an awesome mountain but it’s a little more quiet and not as crowded as some of the other mountains. We also love big sky and whitefish for skiing. We try to take a trip here a couple times a year to go skiing and snowboarding and usually when we go to Bridger we stay in the town of Bozeman. Bozeman has so many fun places to eat, shop, and stay and it’s a short drive to the mountain. 


Up until this summer I had only ever been to the Bridger mountains to ski. If I ever went hiking in Montana it was somewhere else such as the Beartooth mountains or Glacier National Park. I looked into hiking in the Bridger mountains and became very interested in some of the hikes and decided I needed to visit Bridger in the summer.

My friend Katy came with and we brought our two dogs. The first day we got to the area we hit up some breweries during the day and the Hot Springs at night. We camped in Bozeman and headed for Fairy Lake the next day.

We camped in my pick up rooftop tent right in the heart of the Bridger mountains next to Fairy Lake. The campground is first come first serve and we were one of the few people there making it super remote and private. There are really no amenities in the area and very little cell service so it was nice to be disconnected and out in the wilderness. We spent the day roaming around the lake and playing in the water with our dogs.

The second day we did our main hike to Sakakawea Peak which is a strenuous hike with crazy elevation gain. It brings you right up along the ridge line of the Bridger mountains and it was a sight to see and our dogs did amazing on the hike. We spent that night camping in the Hyalite Canyon as we made our way back home.

Montana will always be a place I visit frequently as it has so much beauty to offer and so many places there hold so much meaning to me.


It had not only been a while since we have been to Big Sky, but it had been a while since we had been skiing and snowboarding in general. We didn’t go the season prior because we had just had Henley, and the season before that I was pregnant! So it was nice to be back skiing, but also to splurge and do Big Sky.

We usually do Bridger Bowl, and we absolutely love it there, but we decided to mix it up and try Big Sky this year. We brought my mom and Henley along as well! Henley did absolutely amazing on the long car rides and it was so nice having the company of my mom and her on the trip. Brady and I got to ski two full days which was nice as the mountain is absolutely huge! We also got to hot tub, go out to eat, and explore the town and village! We tried plopping Henry girl in the snow for a few photos in her snowsuit, but she was one sad girl so naturally I snuck in a photo of that for laughs. 

It felt so good to be back skiing after not having done it for two years! We were most certainly sore, but we had an amazing time and even got a little bit of fresh snow while we were there 🙂