Although Yellowstone wasn’t at the top of my bucket list as far as national parks and hiking goes, the more I looked into it the more it started to appeal to me.

So we decided to make a big trip of it all, visiting both Yellowstone National Park in Montana and  Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming as they are so close to each other.

We hit up Yellowstone first, and although there are so many geysers to see, it was no surprise the Grand Prismatic was our favorite. I’m a sucker for rainbows and anything rainbow colored, so the Grand Prismatic stole my heart beings it has so many natural beautiful colors. There’s a boardwalk that brings you right along the geyser to get a close-up view, and there’s also an overlook trail so you can get an elevated perspective.

Our next stops we’re visiting both the south and north rims of the Yellowstone canyon. On the south rim, we did a trail that spans the entire rim and leads to Artist Point. Artist point overlooks the Yellowstone lower falls.

The north rim also contains a trail along the canyon that leads to Inspiration Point. We did part of the trail and the grand view and lookout points. Inspiration point was by far my favorite as I thought the views of the canyon were best there.

We only spent one day in Yellowstone, and felt we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to! Kaylee and I were both very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful Yellowstone was, we had definitely underestimated it!