Our trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota was definitely a spontaneous one as we were supposed to be on a family trip to South Carolina that unfortunately got canceled. We picked the Black Hills because I’ve been trying to be better about finding beauty and traveling to places that are closer to home, instead of traveling so far across the country. I had heard that the Black Hills is beautiful and have seen some areas that I knew I wanted to visit, but seeing it in person it was so much more beautiful than I expected.

We stayed in Custer, South Dakota and hiked and explored around Custer State Park. We would’ve loved to camp in the state park, but since the trip was so short notice and it being memorial day weekend all the campgrounds were full. We did some awesome hikes around Custer State Park, my favorites being Cathedral Spires and Little Devils Tower. I thought Little Devils Tower had the most amazing view of the hikes we did, because the trail brings you to an elevated vantage point with a great bird’s eye view. The trail requires a little bit of climbing! Needles Highway, which is a road through the park is also a must! We also spent some time around Sylvan Lake which is absolutely gorgeous and did a hike by the lake called Sunday Gulch. Sunday Gulch was unique because you descend down into a gulch and there’s railings along the hike to hold onto as you cross rocks and water.

When we weren’t hiking, we spent our time roaming around the towns of Custer and Hill City. These towns have so much charm and cool little shops to explore. Rock shops are very popular to the area and a must see! Hill City has a bunch of breweries and wineries and they are set up together in sets, so there’s a brewery and winery together at each one. I would love to someday come back to this area to go four wheeling as that’s a huge attraction to the area and the trails looked so beautiful and fun.