I recently got to photograph a beautiful wedding of two friends in North Carolina at a gorgeous farm venue. I went to school with the groom Jared and got the pleasure of meeting his fiancé Laura before the wedding. Not only did Jared and I go to school together since we were little, but he was in my husbands class and they are close friends. Brady and Jared lived together in college, so the three of us got to hang out all the time and have great memories together. Jared’s family graciously let us stay in their cabin they had rented, which is where we had the rehearsal grill out the night before.

When I first met Laura, we clicked immediately. She is outgoing and super friendly and just overall fun to be around! Her and I got to spend some quality time together when the boys were away on the bachelor trip.

I am so honored I got to attend and capture their wedding! The venue was so beautiful and reminded me of North Dakota rustic venues, so I felt right at home. Brady, my husband was a groomsman and so was my brother Travis. Cameron, another close friend of ours was also a groomsmen, so photographing this group was a total blast and a breeze!

Laura and her dad’s first look was one for the books! I definitely shed some tears while photographing it, it was the sweetest thing! Jared and Laura didn’t see each other until she walked down the aisle to him and the look on his face was priceless and only showed pure love.

The day and night was filled with good times and smiles and I have nothing but love for these two!

Brady and I got to spend a day in Charlotte after the wedding visiting breweries and lounging by the pool soaking in some much needed sun and relaxation after a long night of dancing! Of course we couldn’t go without renting some scooters and scooting to a local ice cream shop!