Our trip to California’s is split into two parts. Brady and I have always wanted to visit California, so when my sister decided to get married in Napa Valley we thought what a perfect time to make a trip around that and visit some places we’ve been wanting to go!
We flew into San Francisco and spent a day there exploring around. We went to fisherman’s warf, the boardwalk, and visited the painted ladies and bakers beach to get a nice view of the Golden Gate Bridge. After spending a full day in San Fran, we headed to Yosemite National Park and stayed in at the crane flat campground. It’s a little bit of a drive from the campgrounds to Yosemite National Park as there’s not many campsites in the park.
We headed into the park and it was truly beautiful, the gray rock of the Sierra Nevada Mountains is breathtaking. The mountain walls are so tall and the valleys are so deep. The drive in winds above valleys with mountains all around and gets you that much more excited.
Once in the park I felt similar to how I felt at Multnomah Falls in Oregon. It was so commercialized and touristy, it broke my heart. There are shuttles going to and from each trailhead, a restaurant, grocery store, and bathrooms on the trails. While all of this may be convenient, it ruined the beauty of the park for me. We drove and saw the famous tunnel view and half dome and then did some hikes to Yosemite falls and Vernal falls.
Vernal falls was for sure my favorite trail. The hike leading up to the waterfalls is a lush green rock staircase and the spray from the falls catches the light and creates giant rainbows and I am a sucker for rainbows. The falls are huge and so beautiful. We got up right next to them and go soaked from the powerful spray. The falls were extremely crowded, which was a downside but still so beautiful.
The next day we hiked to mirror lake in the morning and there was far less tourists on that trail and at that time of day, which was a huge bonus. Our campground was beautiful although far away and we vastly underestimated how cold it would be up in the mountains as it dipped to twenty degrees and frost formed on our tent both nights.
After Yosemite, we had to pack up and head to Napa Valley for my sisters wedding. My parents got a gorgeous rental home with a pool tucked away in the valley with vineyards all around and we again went from rags to riches haha! We had their rehearsal dinner that night with the wedding the next day.
My sisters wedding was at a stunning vineyard and luckily I got to be to the one to photograph it! The whole venue was so picturesque and their wedding photos turned out fabulously. We spent the day with family drinking wine and dancing.
The following day it was already time to leave again, but luckily before we left we got in some much needed showers and washed some clothes.